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Marco und Cornelius.

Welcome to! We would like to introduce to you – it is more pleasant for you to know who wrote the articles on this page and for what reason.

About Marco & Cornelius

For some time now, we have been striving to live as healthy a life as possible and to be as less dependent on the pharmaceutical industry as possible. This means that we want to live a healthy life and, at best, never want to be in a position to depend on medicines. A few months ago, we started looking for a natural remedy that would help people relax and relieve pain.

We came across cannabidiol, you probably know it under the name CBD. We discovered a substance from the cannabis plant that is said to do much more than just relieve headaches. Migraine, epilepsy and even cancer are said to be able to influence the oil with the active ingredient CBD.


There should be a portal for this potentially miraculous substance that provides information and clarification. In addition, we also asked ourselves initial questions such as…

… “where is the right CBD dose?”

… “do I have to expect any side effects?”

… “where can I buy CBD oil and which is really good?”

There was no source to provide all this information in a bundled form and to continue to deal with CBD liquids, CBD drops, the effect of CBD and other issues. We took this project into our hands and came up with – the portal with information, advice on buying and experiences with cannabidiol.

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