CBD oil benefits – Collected user experiences

On this page we introduce you to CBD oil reviews in practice, we share testimonials that show the CBD oil benefits. Many users in Germany have already gained experience with CBD oil or liquids. Unfortunately, there are only a few platforms on which these valuable reviews are exchanged – we would like to change this. In our opinion, everyone who contributes to this collection of reports is doing important pioneering work.

Reviews of cannabidiol buyers

We are still at the very beginning with cbd-oil360.co.uk and we are missing experience reports from users. To give them an insight into the practice, I looked through the customer reviews of CBD buyers on the Internet. The most interesting cannabidiol experiences that have resulted can now be found here! We are happy to share the CBD oil benefits in reel user experience.

  • Depression, anxiety, tremor, neuralgic pain:
    Here, one user reports that he was able to reduce his symptoms and significantly reduce the dose of medication with a 5 percent CBD oil.
  • MS, nerve pain, panic attacks, menopausal symptoms, hot flashes, migraine:
    This user was able to reduce the above symptoms by taking cannabidiol. 2 drops under the tongue relieve your burning knees acutely.
  • Panic attacks, tense muscles:
    The experience report tells that three drops under the tongue after 5 minutes brought an improvement in back tension. In addition, the customer experienced that the CBD oil did not help him to panic before exams.
  • Relaxation:
    This CBD experience report is not only positive, because after just one drop this customer felt extremely relaxed, but no longer suitable for everyday use. Despite this alleged side effect, anxiety and nightmares decreased and sleep improved.
  • Sleep disorders, loss of appetite, painkillers, mood enhancers:
    Very positive CBD experience in which the customer emphasizes the great value cannabidiol or alternative remedies have for him. It confirms the effects mentioned and recommends the oil on this basis.
  • Pain relief:
    Also in this experience with CBD oil it is reported that cannabiol allowed to drastically reduce the dose of painkillers. In addition, the reviewer speaks of the fact that the duration of his medication has been prolonged by the oil.
  • Migraine, sleep promotion:
    This customer has had good experiences with taking it before going to bed – CBD helps her to get down better. It is also used successfully for acute migraine.
  • Faster falling asleep, better sleeping through:
    A drop of oil on a spoonful of sugar also helps this reviewer sleep better. Another reader of our site writes that he is less whacked in the morning and sleeps better.
  • Pain, slight depression:
    Cannabidiol helps this user with headaches and migraines. It also helps him cope with anxiety. He emphasizes in his CBD experience report that the substance does not induce any state of intoxication in him.
    Another reader reports less severe back pain.

These reviews are taken from the reviews of two cannabidiol products on Amazon.de

Field reports, which we received by e-mail:

Name: Linse

Hello everyone, I’ve been taking the oil for a month. 2 drops in the morning and evening. Since then, my rheumatism symptoms have subsided. I can stand the thrusts well and am no longer so limited in movement and vitality. I don’t take painkillers much anymore. I will continue to take these drops daily. Glad I tried them.

Fantastic effect on eye diseases

Name: Claudia

Product recommendation: ▷ CBD100 10% from Candropharm

good morning, marco,

i have 2 rare eye diseases, already had to do with imer damnit as a child, with the years of coming age long-sightedness, it became unbearable. i suffer from a severe anisometropia ( severe non-uniformity ) with double images and vestibular vertigo, as well as severe pain . and an optic atrophy ( optic nerve loss), here the optic nerve shrinks more and more “without one really notices it, up to blindness. I usually have pain for days, my body is then at the end because everything goes down, concentration etc no longer possible. tablets helped nothing until then. My son told me about the CBD oil benefits. I bought it immediately, take it since last Thursday, 10% 2x 4 drops. what should i say, until here just FANTASTIC… I will definitely take it permanently. the spirits are coming back slowly and i have to drip much less, because additionally my eyes are extremely dry. wish everyone a good recovery!! kind regards

Better quality of life thanks to CBD oil

Name: Elfenhaar

Product recommendation:CBD50 5% from Candropharm

Hello dear ones,

as a double granny, so even older generation I thought to myself, “what else have I got to lose” and tried the oil with 5%.

For over 12 years I have suffered from very severe pain caused by cervical spine, lumbar spine syndrome, arthrosis, migraine and mastocytosis. Despite the surgery, the severe pain remained and I withdrew more and more from life and became depressed by the pain and loneliness.

I would like to tell everyone – especially older people – to try out these drops and you will experience quality of life, courage to live and joy again.

No doctor has been able to help me because I am allergic to any kind of medication due to mastocytosis.

I take 3 x 3 drops per day, if necessary diluted a little more in water, because my mucous membranes and my stomach react very sensitively.

For me, these drops are a “miracle cure”.

From my heart I can only say good things about these CBD drops and I am so glad that I found them.

My life now makes sense again and wants to encourage all concerned, try it out and you will see what happens.

In great gratitude

Experience with CBD

Name: Lennard

Product recommendation:CBD100 10% from Candropharm

Good afternoon, boys. I wanted to share my experiences with cbd. I used to smoke grass very much, but now only rarely. I recently ordered cbd crystals because I often have physical tensions and often strong mood swings. I immediately experienced a noticeable effect with my vaporizer and can only give positive feedback. Without being high or stoned, there is a very strong, relaxed state. Not that I sleep badly, but it felt like I slept for several hours. The pain is just blown away and I feel more balanced by and large. I can’t necessarily reflect euphoria, but I definitely take a more relaxed approach to everyday things. I hope I was able to help you with that. Incidentally, I am a very big advocate of orthodox medicine, since doctors do not advertise with this wonderful substance and come out in public on their own. So I will continue to advertise with this “magic” and hope this country will slowly come to its senses. I’ll see you then. Hope I could help explaining you the CBD oil benefits. 

Positive experience with brain tumor

Name: Caly

Product recommendation:CBD100 10% from Candropharm

Good day,

About me: Almost 2 years ago I was diagnosed with a large tumour in the right skull base. Surgery followed, radiation, there were many complications, surgery and radiation severely damaged the entire brain. Apart from considerable disabilities, chronic nerve pain in the right half of the face and in the head, often in the whole body, migraine often persists for 6 days. Even opioids only helped to a limited extent, even at the highest doses I often had so much pain for days that I felt sick that I could not hold back my tears. It became more and more difficult as I couldn’t take more and more medication……

I’ve been using CBD oil for 10 days – and it’s like a miracle I don’t dare to believe in yet. The pain disappears! Just like that?!?!! It’s unbelievable. I’ve already halved the dosage of painkillers. It is, yes, a miracle for me. A condition I had forgotten how it feels: little, sometimes even no pain. I sleep better, I am not quite as exhausted during the day (Fatigue syndrome), my joy of life grows again – not having to fight so hard for every action, every movement, that is…. simply wonderful.

I am only at the beginning, feel my way into a good dosage for me. Every day gives me new confidence, such a redemption, where so long everyone just shrugged, was affected, but nothing more, helplessly.

I am so grateful for this new quality of life.

Severe nerve pain

Name: Dani

Product recommendation:CBD100 10% from Candropharm

I am a Parkinson’s patient 61 years old and also suffer from very severe nerve pain due to my broken intervertebral discs, which press on nerves. So twice incurable. I have received very strong medication from the pain clinic, which only brings little pain relief. On top of that, the side effects of water accumulations in the legs, which are almost bursting. When I was asked in the pain clinic if I could not get cannabis, I was told that only cancer patients get this to relieve their pain! OK.! So I ordered 10% extract privately via Internet CBD. One day, I could have screamed in pain, my package was delivered with CBD. I immediately took 10 drops and what a miracle, my terrible nerve pain was so reduced after about 20 minutes that I could even go away to follow my doctor appointment. That was about four weeks ago. Since that time I have been taking 10 drops 3 times a day and only very rarely have nerve pain. Depends on how much and what I work a day. It’s easy to say: great!!! Now I will try to reduce the strong drugs step by step. Unfortunately I have to go it alone, I have no support from the outpatient pain department. Perhaps then my heavy accumulations of water in my legs will also improve. Let’s see. In any case, I can highly recommend CBD for nerve pain. Thank you for providing such a means. Unfortunately, CBD does not help against Parkinson’s disease. I’m afraid I’ll have to stick to my medication.

Intervertebral disc chronic joint pain

Name: Kiwi

Product recommendation:CBD150 15% from Candropharm

Finally got my canabi oil today.

I started with 2 drops 15% did not have to take any medication at noon, now I hope that it really remains so and even better I am full of confidence and hope.

PMS (premenstrual syndrome)

Name: Muddi

Product recommendation:CBD100 10% from Candropharm

I am 43 years old and suffer a lot from PMS.

For some time now I have been taking two drops in the morning and evening.

And my symptoms have improved by 80%.

I can only recommend it to everyone.

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