How is the CBD oil uk law ?

CBD – it’s obtained from the cannabis plant and cannabis is illegal, right? Not quite. If you are wondering how is the CBD oil uk law, then you should find your answer today. First: Yes, it is (still) legal, under certain conditions. How it is with cannabidiol and the applicable law, you can read in this article.

CBD oil uk law

CBD is legal because it is not psychoactive

THC has a psychoactive effect, that is known. It’s different with cannabidiol. Unlike THC, cannabidiol is not psychoactive, we are not “high” when we use it. There are no mind-altering effects after ingestion – that is why CBD oil is legal in the UK.

Cannabis oil itself is illegal to possess, supply or use. The law did change to recognise CBD as a medicine though. This is down to scientific studies into its use. The CBD oil uk law says : that in a nutshell CBD oil is now legal in the UK.

Legal up to a certain THC content

Products, i.e. products for the end customer, from cannabis are legal if the THC content is less than 0.0005%. This guideline value of the BfR applies to foods such as hemp seed oil – food supplements are also included. Consequently, every CBD oil is legal in the UK if it contains less than 0.0005% THC, whereas in the case of crops in the field, the BtmG takes effect and limits the content to 0.2%. This information is also usually attached to the products. The products sold in UK contain in any case less than the percentage of THC mentioned, otherwise they should not be sold – nevertheless, one can pay attention oneself whether the THC content really lies below the tolerated limit, in order not to take a “risk”.

Obtained from useful hemp

In addition, the CBD available in UK is obtained from useful hemp. This means that the cultivated cannabis plants hardly contain THC anyway. The cultivation of such plants is legal for companies, provided they have a permit.

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Cannabis – is cbd oil soon legal in uk ?

You may have noticed that cannabis and its legalization is currently the subject of heated debate. In some US states it is already legal, just like in many countries. Who knows whether this will not soon be the case in Germany too – when it comes to it, we will no longer have to ask ourselves whether CBD oil is legal in the UK. We are not sure whether it would make sense to repeal the narcotics law in connection with cannabis, but who knows. We are curious what the future will bring us.

Conclusion: CBD oil in the UK legal for consumers

All in all: CBD is legal in the UK (CBD oil uk law). You can both buy it and carry it with you. So you don’t have to worry that you’re in trouble when you order CBD – so far you’re on the safe side. Hopefully this will not change so quickly.

Update: You have surely read the green info box above – CBD is legal for us end users and it will remain so. The inclusion in the Medicines Prescription Act is particularly relevant for retailers. For us consumers, it is then only important to ensure that we have CBD in quantities that are regarded as our own needs – in the case of larger quantities one would assume that one is active as a reseller – the trade in prescription medicines is of course prohibited. However, until all this is clear, either further legal regulations or a decision by a judge are required anyway.

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