What is CBD Vape oil ? Which one is good? We clear up!

If you like to steam e-cigarette, CBD E-Liquid could be interesting for you. This may give you some health benefits when steaming – most likely when the CBD Vape oil are nicotine-free. The valuable cannabidiol can therefore be absorbed through the use of e-cigarettes and possibly also have its effect. What experiences we made in the test and our readers with it and which CBD Vape oil you should buy you should find out today!

cbd vape oil

How is the CBD Vape oil effect to be evaluated?

Even if the facts are still thin – yes, liquids are not seen with pleasure in the health scene – we assume that the effect of a liquid is at least similar to that of oil and Co.

Effects that our readers attribute to cannabidiol are e.g.:

  • Pain relief (e.g. migraine)
  • Remedy for anxiety/sleep disorders
  • Support for inflammatory diseases (e.g. rheumatism)
  • menopausal/regulatory complaints
  • Counteracting the psychactive effect of THC
  • Improved mood/feeling

You can find more examples in numerous other articles on the portal. In summary, even if officially unexplored, the spectrum of effects seems to be so interesting from previous experiences that an attempt is always worthwhile!

Buy CBD Vape oil – Our recommendations

A few renowned manufacturers who also produce cannabidiol oils also offer liquids. So some of the brands are quite serious and that’s exactly what you should look out for when you want to buy CBD Liquid. However, one should not forget that the liquids are more expensive than normal oil.

Nevertheless: If you like the steaming and the taste of CBD, you can also use the vaporizer. Some CBD-E liquids even have individual flavours, whereby we prefer the pure steam enjoyment of our favourite. The advantage lies clearly in the digestion-independent, particularly fast uptake.

cbd liquid nordicoils

200 mg, 500 mg or 1000 mg – which liquid suits you best

Again and again the question arises, how high the cannabidiol content in the liquid should be or what total amount it is worth to buy if one wants to dose sensibly. Where 100mg is enough for some, others want to use 200mg, 500mg or more directly – even a CBD Liquid with 1000mg offers e.g. the company Harmony (you can find ▷ here). A strict distinction must be made between the total content of a bottle and the dosage per 100ml.

Cannabidiol Liquid mit 1000 mg von Harmony kaufen

We say: According to our experience, even a higher dose can’t do any harm, but it is usually better to start with smaller doses – just don’t rush into it. Our favourite from the test with 300mg/bottle is optimal for most users.

Is the CBD e liquid legal in the UK? Does a drug test work?

All in all: CBD is legal in the UK. You can both buy it and carry it with you. So you don’t have to worry that you’re in trouble when you order CBD – so far you’re on the safe side. Hopefully this will not change so quickly.

In general, Germany is the most critical country, whereas Switzerland and the Netherlands are much more progressive in their legislation and consumers and sellers of CBD E-Liquids have little to consider. The UK and Austria are also quite open to the products.

On the subject of nicotine:

E-Liquids are legal as long as they do not exceed a certain nicotine limit. Since the TPD2 implementation, nicotine-containing products have been subject to some restrictions. So either do without the material right away or pay attention to trustworthy sources!

Apart from the legal status, a consumer of high-quality CBD Liquids does not need to be afraid that his driver’s license is at risk from a drug test. But attention: As a buyer you should only fall back on renowned manufacturers.

Buy your CBD Liquid at NordicOil (▷ click here) and in our experience you have nothing to worry about – neither during the drug test nor from reprisals after the purchase.

Tested: A liquid from the NordicOil Shop

cbd vapen e-zigarette

In our test, NordicOil’s liquid is convincing. We rarely steam ourselves and certainly have no expertise, but some of my good friends like to steam – I left the liquid to them for testing.

Both were very satisfied with the product and recommend it. The taste is pleasantly hefty and according to my friends the CBD absorbed through the lungs works very quickly. In addition, this is finally an effectively concentrated CBD Vape oil that is suitable for health purposes as well as for smoking cessation (100% free of nicotine).

You can buy the CBD Vape Oil here.

CBD Liquid from NordicOil!
We clearly recommend this liquid for steaming:

Can I use CBD Vape oil ? Or mix it yourself?

Our opinion on the subject is: If you don’t own an e-cigarette or vaporizer, you don’t have to buy one to steam CBD Vape oil. But if you like steaming anyway, because it relaxes you or because you like the taste – why not?

Overall you get less cannabidiol for your money with the CBD E Liquids – so if you want to take CBD as effectively as possible, you better do it orally and have a look at the recommended drops

Produce CBD e Liquid yourself and vapen?

There are some instructions on the web that describe how to make CBD Vape oil. As a rule, very simple liquid is used for steaming or vaping and dissolving crystals in it. The process is not particularly difficult, but I am rather cautious in the production of substances for smoking and I don’t like relying on instructions from the net.

Do it yourself or mix it yourself? We would rather leave the production of liquids to official production facilities. Doing wrong can be harmful to your lungs.

CBD e Liquid – why nicotine free?

We attach great importance to continually improving our physical health. Steaming nicotine is out of the question for us, so we only write about nicotine-free CBD Liquids. Apart from that, effects of nicotine are often not desired at all. For some time now it has only been allowed to advertise or sell liquids containing nicotine with restrictions. Whether or not e-cigarettes are unhealthy is something we do not want to go into further detail about.

The fact is: If you don’t always want to take CBD orally, you can also steam some CBD once in a while.

What about the dosage?

We can’t give any exact dosage information here, so rely on the manufacturer’s recommendations first and then, above all, on your feeling. Slowly feel your way forward and then stop when the CBD Liquid gives you the desired effect. Your own experience is worth its weight in gold.

CBD Vape oil – Experience

Cornelius and I have to admit: We have hardly any experience with steaming, nor with cannabidiol liquids. We can only play what we hear from friends or read on the Internet. That is why we are dependent on you, dear reader. Do you have experience with CBD e Liquids or steaming in general?

Share your experiences with the community in a comment under this post!

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